Optimization of Energy Usage

For the industrial sector, energy consumption statistics are eye popping. The industrial sector alone consumes about half of the world’s total delivered energy, making it the largest end-use sector. Moreover, although global industrial energy consumption is projected to increase by more than 40%, as measured from the beginning of the recent economic crisis in 2007 to 2035, emerging economies in non-OECD countries will account for approximately 95% of this increase in consumption.

Thus, optimization of energy usage is a natural and necessary expansion of ODVA's application coverage for industrial automation. ODVA envisions an energy solution for the industrial energy consumer that will be comprehensive, scalable, open, and inclusive for both users and their vendors. Within this context, ODVA’s vision of optimization of energy usage will emerge as the natural sweet spot to help industrial consumers meet their overall business objectives and achieve greater societal goals for sustainability.

ODVA's energy approach offers broad situational awareness of energy consumption and enable control strategies to optimize energy usage throughout the industrial ecosystem from the plant floor to the grid. This approach will enables businesses to improve productivity and thus profits while concurrently benefiting people and our planet through better utilization of energy resources.

Technical Resources and White Papers:

• Read ODVA’s white paper on the Optimization of Energy Usage (OEU™) here (English/German/French/Japanese/Chinese)
Read ODVA’s Overview of the Technical Approach to the Optimization of Energy Usage (OEU™) here

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